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Chartreuse Closet is a collection of essays on offbeat fashion and pop culture.

My name is Lullabelle, or at least that’s what my mother calls me.

I don’t go deep. I’m not an expert on anything. I don’t hang out with other fashion bloggers and I don’t follow the collections. I’m on a budget and if you’re reading my blog, you probably are, too! I write about things that I like and whatever is on my mind, simple as that.

Here’s a bit more sur moi.

JULY 2014

What I’m reading right now: The Big Sleep, by Raymond Chandler

What I’m wearing: Puma Suedes in red

What I’m listening to: Bauhaus In the Flat Field, Blondie Eat to the Beat

What I’m watching:┬áNesting (2012) free to stream on Amazon Prime


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